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Drs. Burrows & Didar Welcome Toyota Tsusho Canada to McMaster’s IIDR

Professor Lori Burrows explains how some of the special equipment in the IIDR’s Centre for Microbial Chemical biology work to help speed the discovery of potential antibiotics and other drugs.

The Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research welcomed Toyota Tsusho Canada on Tuesday with a tour of some of McMaster’s world-class science facilities.

Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences Professor Dr. Lori Burrows led Toyota Tsusho Canada President Hidetoshi Tada and delegates through the IIDR’s Centre for Chemical Microbial Biology (CMCB) to highlight the university’s various initiatives in antimicrobial and infectious disease research.

Toyota Tsusho Canada, a multinational trading company which owns food production and packaging companies, is especially interested in Dr. Tohid Didar’s research at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Over the last few years, Dr. Didar’s team at McMaster University have made pivotal developments regarding food safety monitoring, including a novel diagnostics tool for the hands-free detection of pathogens in packaged food.

The IIDR would like to thank Toyota Tsusho Canada for taking the time to visit McMaster University.

IIDR Investigators Develop Novel Diagnostics Tool for the Hands-Free Detection of Food Pathogens


Christy Groves